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Forget the Search Engines Build Links

The first thing you’d realize is that in order to drive traffic you are going to need links in to your site. Lets say that your business is renting luxury properties in France. There are an infinite amount of sites to get links from so you are going to need to focus your efforts.

The first place to start is with people you know. While Aunt Maude that has a website about knitting and she will be happy to link to your site, that isn’t likely going to generate much traffic that will help you rent out your properties. This would also irritate Aunt Maude’s die hard knitting enthusiasts degrade poor Aunt Maude as the great knitting resource she usually is.

Relevant Links

It would be better to get links from business associates or other authorities related to luxury rentals in France. Let’s say that you received a link from a tour guide in Paris. You would receive more relevant traffic and if your content is good and relevant, then the tour guide won’t mind sending the occasional visitor your way as it adds to their reputation as a trusted resource in the area.

Accurate Anchor Text

While you are striking this link deal you are going to want to be on a page that is most relevant to your site. It is going to be important to tell them to put accurate and descriptive anchor text on the link so that your visitors will get an accurate preview before they click. If possible it would be best to have some text that explains what your site is and why they should go there.

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Good Old Good Content

Once you receive your traffic from the tour guide you will want to actually have the content that you promised in your anchor text. Not only should you deliver the content that people thought they were going to see when they clicked, you are also going to want to provide something that is useful and interesting to them. Then people may tell others about your site. You’ll get more traffic and more people will link to your site without needing google.

Pretty Urls

If you have well written and compelling content, make sure that your links are structured well and are descriptive. Something like mysite/France/Luxury-Rental would work. That will make it easier for people to link to you or send your link in an email. Make sure that your url has descriptive content to give an indication as to what people are going to be clicking on. A descriptive link also makes it easier for people to find your site in their bookmarks.

Time to Convert

After you have built relevant traffic to your website, you are going to want to convert as many of those visitors to customers as possible. Make sure that your site is easy to navigate and that you keep your ultimate goals in mind. If the actions you want your visitors to take aren’t extremely clear and easy, many will leave never to return.

Post Conversion

After you do convert a visitor to a customer, make sure to continue to interact with your customers. Get their email address and send them things of value to keep them coming back. If you do these things, you won’t have to worry about an accidental google outage. As an added benefit, your site will be beautifully optimized for google.

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