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Local psychologist | What changes does internet everywhere phenomenon have on psychology and mental health care? Well, there are surely many, both positive and negative, but there is a revolution at the door - it's Lysn. An online platform that may eliminate the very need to find your own local psychologist - in cases there's trouble in finding one - for instance, if you live far away from metropolitan areas and there is a serious shortage in some services where you live. Lysn offers an online platform for a cost-effective, 100% secure and private Skype-like video consultations with qualified psychologists practicing under Australian law - wherever you are, you may use Lysn. And even though there surely is a discussion going on about efficacy of psychological care online, on distance, instead of face to face meetings, sometimes it's difficult to find local psychologist, since there are simply none around. This precisely is an issue with which folks living in rural parts of Australia struggle - and they are at risk of mental crisis to no lesser extent than those living in metropolitan areas - actually, even more, due to lack of mental health care availability in their neighbourhood.

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