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Automatic image moderation | Automatic image moderation, as provided by xModerator, is an excellent tool for each and every online business employing user generated content, especially if UGC makes a cornerstone of an idea behind the product. It's actually the everyday reality of web 2.0, as the breakthrough can be described in unlocking an unprecedented means to turn personal and private experience into objects, really - acessible by anyone out there - the more, the - in a way - better. Transparency has become a big thing, and online platforms, web apps, too, but mobile apps mostly, make it more tangible than ever before. But with those possibilities, some dangers arise, too, as it's possible to upload and publicize the content that seems to make freedom of speech look like a joke, by showing the extremes of it - it's called objectionable content and is defined and banned in content policies. In order to get rid of it from your own tools, platform and products, use automatic image moderation tool, such as xModerator.

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