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Sexual health shop & organization | Looking for affordable home test kits for a number of STIs / STDs, in UK? raTrust sexual health shop online with i.e. home test kits for syphilis, chlamydia, herpes, hepatitis type B, C, HIV, thrush, and many more diagnoses, certainly can help you with that. We're here to contribute to building an STI-free future for all, currecntly working with individuals, groups and communities across London - at the same time fighting with social stigma around, for instance, HIV positivity, or repression of expressing sexual or gender identity or orientation. For home test kits, visit our store. For educational materials, browse our website. To chip in, click donate - as one of few organizations there are, we are accepting bitcoins for donations. If you know anyone that can benefit from our support, please spread the word, too. And if you yourself are willing to contribute, contact us! With raTrust, we are trying to finght off the wave of increasing STI statistics across the country, noticeable in the last several years. So, if you think it's something for you, see the details, and don't forget to visit the sexual health shop online and take care of your health!

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