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Learn SLQ | Looking for a proven way to learn SQL? Well, our Vertabelo Academy is such a place. Vertabelo decided to create an online repository of resources for learning SQL for all - from the beginners, to the ones who already do have some experience in operating the query language. So, if you are thrilled to see how the data science world is developing as we speak, and the business there is thriving, and you wwould like to tap into that stream of opportunities and land a new job as a data scientist, you are welcome to try out the SQL course opportunities at Vertabelo Academy. Here you will find the courses based on a hands on approach towards learning process. Therefore, it's the tasks you are given, the problems you face, that are the basis of what you are going to learn through. Also, as Vertabelo Academy we do not endorse corporation like practice of crunching time, therefore we put no deadlines on our courses - complete them when you feel like, and take the final test, too, whenever you like. And upon completion, you will be granted a certificate, which, added to your LinkedIn profile, will be a great asset from the HR perspective.

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