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Excel Training

Excel Training Excel training is conducted on the basis of methods tailored to the individual participants' courses. Training Excel are preceded by a training needs of the participants.
Interest in knowing MS Excel can take part in the Course Basic Excel. It is for all those who are not familiar with this program or know him only a little. The course participants receive training materials that will allow them to consolidate or reminder acquired knowledge.
The course will be discussed introduction to working with Excel spreadsheet. Will discuss the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts. Participants will also become familiar with the settings ribbon. Will be discussed operations on the data, such as data entry, cleaning format, different methods of bonding the data. They presented the basic formulas and functions built-in functions, use the function average, max, if the function, a function of time and perform calculations on dates, text tool as columns. Participants will learn about data analysis: multi-level sorting of data. Become familiar with printing, preview view, print settings - the margin settings.
A continuation of Excel Basic Excel Intermediate training is, during which participants will learn a lot of features for the aggregation and search the data, formulating formulas of multiple functions.

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